Traffic Awareness Program Adyar & Thiruvanmiyur



DATE: 11-02-2018
TIMING: 2.00-4.00 pm




Road safety is a protective step to reduce the risk of road accidents and road side
injuries due to the mistakes of people while driving on the road. We cannot count
the deaths of people and road accidents occurring everyday due to the shortage
of road traffic followers and mistakes in driving. There is a danger of injury and
death with every person walking on the road. Such as pedestrians, motor cyclists,
cyclists, etc. Everyone should be well aware of road traffic rules, especially for the
children and young people who are at a risk of important road accidents. Road
safety is a important thing to be followed in a road and must be well known by all
because the main reasons for deaths is road safety. According to statistics (World
Health Organization) it has been found that the main cause of high recruitment in
hospitals and the main cause of deaths is road accidents. From their childhood
everyone should know and follow the road safety rules so that they can adopt a
protective behavior in later life. The value of life is more important so following
rules is a good thing. Every person on earth should pay full attention to road
safety whether or not he uses the vehicle or not. Due to the lack of guidance of
elders children’s and students are the weakest group towards road accidents,
minor injuries or major injuries. In their initial times, there should be no delay in
making children aware about road safety rules and measures. It is the duty of
parents and teachers to guide them well. There are several ways of generating
awareness among the common people such as seminars, workshops, curriculum
by adding basic road security lessons, student’s education. To generate
awareness, a awareness program was conducted on 11-02-2018 from 2.00pm to
4.00pm at Adyar and Thiruvanmiyur signals with the help of NGO’S. Our Saveetha
Engineering College NSS volunteers actively participated in it and made it a grand success


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